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Johnson & Johnson (Corporate)

Johnson & Johnson is a globally active company headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Our family of companies is characterized by a culture of diversity. We are proud to say this culture is recognized by prominent organizations and publications.

The Johnson & Johnson family of companies includes:

Direct access to markets
Across the globe, the company is made up of 275 subsidiaries in 60 countries. They run their operations independently and primarily employee people from the local country. This diversity is the basic principle of our family of companies, and brings enormous advantages with it: Our subsidiaries are very flexible, while maintaining access to the resources of a large group of companies. We have direct access to the markets thanks to our decentralized structure. Our employees in research, development and sales design individual strategies for the 175 countries in which we sell our products. Our subsidiaries’ geographical and cultural proximity to the markets ensure we are constantly kept abreast of trends and the needs of our customers, allowing us to continue to develop innovative products.

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