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With more than 6,000 people on its payroll, Johnson & Johnson is currently the largest American employer in Switzerland. The firm is represented in Schaffhausen, Zug, Neuchâtel, Le Locle and Berne. Following the 2012 takeover of the medical device company Synthes, it also has a number of sites in the cantons of Solothurn and Basel-Landschaft, in Mezzovico and in Raron. An overview of the Swiss firms within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

Schaffhausen site

Cilag AG, Schaffhausen (Pharmaceuticals)
Cilag AG is part of Janssen, the pharmaceuticals division of Johnson & Johnson, and produces pharmaceutical and medical products and active ingredients. The company is a strategic market launch and manufacturing location for some of Johnson & Johnson’s most important pharmaceutical products. Using state-of-the-art technologies and processes, Cilag AG produces a variety of pharmaceutical dosage forms and active chemical ingredients. In addition, it also produces “ASP Cellblocks”  and Sterrad cassettes for the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP). The products are used in hospitals and labs worldwide for the sterilization of medical and surgical equipment and instruments. Cilag AG was established in Schaffhausen in 1936 and has been part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies since 1959. In the 1990s in particular, the company expanded continuously through innovation, and today Cilag AG is one of the largest manufacturers in the Swiss pharmaceuticals industry. Some 70 million boxes of products are shipped from this location every year. Cilag AG employs approximately 1,100 people.

Zug site

Cilag GmbH International, Zug (Consumer Health Care, Medical, Pharmaceuticals)

Cilag GmbH International was founded in 1984 as the supply chain coordination center for the Pharmaceuticals sector in Zug. Today, as a shared services center (Johnson & Johnson Campus Switzerland), it offers a wide range of support activities in finance, IT management, human resources and administration for numerous additional Swiss companies in the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.


In Zug, Cilag GmbH International combines several independent companies and divisions under one roof. Here’s an overview:


Animas Division of Cilag GmbH International (Medical)

Animas manufactures insulin delivery products as well as associated materials, accessories and software in order to provide diabetes patients with more freedom in their daily lives. The launch of the first insulin pump in 2000 was quickly followed by a number of other pioneering products. These included the first watertight insulin pump and the first glucose management system, with a full range of functions for the pump and measuring device. Animas became part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies in 2006.


JSC Division of Cilag GmbH International (Pharmaceuticals)

Janssen Supply Chain (JSC) supervises global supply chain management for Johnson & Johnson’s Pharmaceuticals business unit.


Johnson & Johnson Consumer Europe Division of Cilag GmbH International (Consumer Health Care)

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Europe is a sales subsidiary of the Consumer Health Care business unit in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. From Zug, the launch of brands such as PENATEN®, CAREFREE®, LISTERINE® and DOLORMIN® in new markets is arranged.


Johnson & Johnson Consumer Zug Division of Cilag GmbH International (Consumer Health Care)

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Zug is a pivotal sales subsidiary. It oversees the markets in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Iceland and Iran for all well-known consumer goods brands.


Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Care Switzerland Division of Janssen-Cilag AG (Consumer Health Care)

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Care Switzerland manages sales in the Swiss market. With numerous consumer goods products and non-prescription medications, the company is the industry leader in Switzerland. Their products include PENATEN® for baby care, NICORETTE® for quitting smoking, and O.B.® for feminine hygiene products.


LifeScan Division of Cilag GmbH International (Medical)

LifeScan provides user-friendly blood glucose meters for self-monitoring and services for diabetes patients. With the launch of its OneTouch® technology, the company ushered in the modern era of blood sugar monitoring. Physicians, pharmacists and diabetes specialists throughout the world recommend the brand for simple and precise blood glucose tests. Since 1986, LifeScan has been an important member of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Zug is the European headquarters of LifeScan.


McNeil Nutritionals Division of Cilag GmbH International (Consumer Health Care)

Zug is the European headquarters of McNeil Nutritionals. The company primarily sells BENECOL® food products for regulating cholesterol. The range of products includes spreads, yogurts and yogurt drinks which contain plant-derived phytosterol, a patented ingredient proven in clinical studies to have cholesterol-lowering properties. In 2002, the SPLENDA® brand expanded the product line with calorie-free sweeteners.


Janssen, Zug (Pharmaceuticals)

Janssen in Zug is the Swiss sales and marketing subsidiary of the research-based, global leader in the pharmaceutical industry. The company develops pharmaceutical preparations for pain relief, gynecology, neurology, psychiatry and virology. Janssen has developed over 80 drugs, five of which are included in the WHO list of the most important medications.


Johnson & Johnson AG, Zug (Medical)

Johnson & Johnson AG in Zug was founded in 1969. The company is a sales and marketing organization that unites six departments of the Medical sector under one roof: Ethicon, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, DePuy, Cordis, Vision Care and Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics. In doing so, Johnson & Johnson AG supervises product lines such as surgical implants, sutures, intravenous catheters and contact lenses.

Le Locle and Neuchâtel sites

Medos International Sàrl, Le Locle (MD&D)
Johnson & Johnson owes its presence in the Canton of Neuchâtel to the acquisition of Medos SA, based in Le Locle, in 1991. Medos International Sàrl was founded in 2004 further to the re-organization of Medos SA. This company manages and coordinates the medical activities of its divisions at an international level. In particular, it manages the development, production, and commercialization of medical implants and accessories, including all necessary market research and scientific development.

Medos International has the following divisions:

DePuy Synthes Codman Neuro, active in neurosurgery with implantable medical devices for the treatment of hydrocephaly as well as implantable drug delivery systems for various indications

DePuy Synthes Spine, active in spine surgery with implants to replace intervertebral discs and correct spine deformation

DePuy Synthes Mitek, active in sport medicine with implantable suture anchors allowing torn tissue (tendons or ligaments) to be re-attached to bone

Ethicon, active in gynecology, wound management and bariatrics with medical implantable devices for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence, bio-absorbable haemostatic dressings for wound management and adjustable gastric bands for morbid obesity

Solothurn, Baselland, Mezzovico, Raron sites

DePuy Synthes

At the end of the 1950s, Swiss surgeons caused a stir with a groundbreaking discovery.  They proved that bone fractures of arms and legs with surgical implants heal better than those treated using conventional methods.  These physicians thus laid the foundations for the success story behind the company Synthes.  In the 1970s, the company began with the production of implants for maxillofacial injuries, and in the 1980s, started with the manufacture of products for the spinal column.  Soon the use of implants became the standard treatment for bone fractures and other injuries.

Unique product portfolio
Johnson & Johnson acquired Synthes in 2012 and merged it with DePuy, a pioneer in the fields of orthopaedics, spinal care and neuroscience therapies for decades.  Today, DePuy Synthes Companies is a global leader in medical technology.  By tying Synthes to the “Family of Companies”, Johnson & Johnson broadened its unique orthopaedic and neuro product portfolio.  DePuy Synthes Companies specializes in the business lines of joint replacement, trauma, spine, sports medicine, neuro, maxillofacial, power tools and biomaterials. The company’s innovative strength is remarkable:

DePuy Synthes employs approximately 19 000 people in 60 countries. Many production sites are in Switzerland, including not only the Cantons of Solothurn and Baselland, but also, in addition to Neuchatel (s. above “Le Locle and Neuchâtel site”), Mezzovico (Ticino) and Raron (Valais).  Altogether, around 3 500 specialists throughout Switzerland are engaged in research and development, production, sales, marketing, supply chain and other supporting functions.  The Solothurn site also serves as headquarters for the DePuy Synthes Companies business in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Berne site

Janssen Vaccines AG

Janssen Vaccines AG was originally founded in 1898 as Schweizerisches Serum und Impfinstitut (Swiss Serum and Vaccine Institute). From 2001 onwards, the company operated under the name Berna Biotech AG, which was taken over in 2006 by Crucell N.V. and then became part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in 2011. In 2015, the company was incorporated into the Janssen Pharmaceuticals branch of Johnson & Johnson. 

The development division of the company focuses on fulfilling global requirements for innovative vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases. At its site in Bern, multidisciplinary project teams are working on issues including the development and production of an Ebola vaccine, as well as a vaccine against pathogens resistant to antibiotics.

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