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Norwegian Formula - Nourishing Products
Due to environmental influences, air conditioning and stress, the skin can dry out, stretch and even become rough. Our experts, together with dermatologists have developed the Norwegian Formula products. The combination of well tolerated ingredients, like glycerin and panthenol, which are tried and tested in research and practice, offer ideal care for normal to very dry skin. 




Neutrogena® Visibly Renew
- Body Lotion, 400ml
- Hand cream, 75ml



















Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula with Nordic Berry

- Body Lotion, 400ml
- Body Balm, 200ml
- Hand Cream, 75ml
- Foot Cream, 100ml
- Lip Care, 4,8g













Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Body Care 

- Deep Moisture Body Lotion, 400 ml
- Deep Moisture Body Lotion for Sensitive   Skin, 400ml  
- Intense Repair Body Balm, 250 ml
- Fast Absorbing Moisturising Cream, 200    ml  











Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

- Hand Cream Perfume Free 50 ml
- Hand Cream Perfumed, 50 ml
- Hand Cream Perfumed, 15 ml
- Fast Absorbing Hand Cream, 75 ml
- Hand & Nail Cream, 75 ml







Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Care 

- Foot Cream for Dry or Damaged Feet,               100 ml  
- Foot Cream for cornification, 50 ml
- Foot Cream for chapped heels, 40 ml










Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula Lip Care

- Lipstick LSF 4, 4,8 gr
- Lipstick LSF 20, 4,8 gr
- Intens Repair Lip Balm, 15 ml

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Rapid effect - sustained protection
Neutrogena® Norwegian Formula