CAREFREE® believes that women who feel fresh all round can live for the moment and enjoy life more.  CAREFREE® hence delivers the ultimate feeling of freshness, so that women can enjoy every moment on a daily basis. There are many different varieties of CAREFREE® for the differing needs of women. 

Carefree - For that ultimate fresh feeling day after day.




The Carefree® basic range with the following products:
Carefree® original 
Carefree® original fesh
Carefree® flexiform
Carefree® flexiform fresh
Carefree® cotton 
Carefree® cotton fresh
Carefree® aloe








The Carefree® plus range for more protection:
Carefree® long fresh
Carefree® large fresh
Carefree® large aloe
Carefree® ultra fresh
















The Carefree® Intimate range:
Carefree® Intimate wash lotion 
Carefree® Intimate wipes aloe
Carefree® Intimate wipes camomile 

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