COMPEED® Plasters use the findings of modern wound healing. The commonly held notion that wounds need air to heal has long since become obsolete. COMPEED® Plasters apply the process of moist wound healing, enclose the wound like a second skin and hence offer the best prerequisite for uncomplicated and rapid healing. 


In addition, the plaster protects the wound from bacteria, dirt and water without adhering to the wound surface.







Don't let blisters stop you:

98%* recommend COMPEED®!


COMPEED® Blister Plasters
The right plaster for every blister -  Medium, Small, Extreme Medium, Mix Pack, On Toes, Underfoot, Anti-Blister Stick


*Results of TRND Study 2011: 98 % of 7,500 questioned would recommend COMPEED® Blister Plasters to their friends.











COMPEED®  Cold Sore Patch:
8 out of 10 users recommend it.*

For discreet treatment of cold sores - acts like a second skin and can be concealed with make-up.

*Individual evaluations by users at, August 2014 – August 2015.











COMPEED® Corn Plasters
 - Medium Plasters
 - Between Toe Plasters
 - Moisturising Medium Plasters
 - Active Medium Plasters (with salicylic

 - Active Between Toe Plasters (with salicylic
















COMPEED® Footcare and Handcare
 - COMPEED® Bunion Plasters
 - COMPEED® Callus Plasters Medium
 - COMPEED® Callus Plasters Large
 - COMPEED® Finger Crack Plasters










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At you can learn all about Compeed®, how the technology functions, how it is correctly applied, and many valuable tips and tricks, for example, how you can continue to go about your daily routine free of care, despite having a cold sore.