o.b.® decisively shaped women's lives over 60 years ago by introducing the first tampon and nowadays also fully strives to meet women's needs. Because menstruation not only differs from women to women, it also changes over the course of the period. There is therefore a suitable tampon variety available from  o.b.® for all needs.
® - day and night protection for a carefree lifestyle.




o.b. Original - reliable protection in the following absorbency range:
o.b. Original normal
o.b. Original super








o.b. Pro Comfort for easier insertion and reliable protection in the following absorbencies:

o.b. Pro Comfort mini
o.b. Pro Comfort light days
o.b. Pro Comfort normal
o.b. Pro Comfort super
o.b. Pro Comfort super plus






o.b. Pro Comfort Night for extra protection at night in the following absorbency range:
o.b. Pro Comfort night normal
o.b. Pro Comfort night super

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