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An individualised therapy is something every smoker needs en route to becoming a non-smoker, due to its special criteria and requirements. For this purpose, NICORETTE® offers the largest range of preparations for nicotin replacement therapy.

Originally intended for Swedish serving submariners, NICORETTE
® was launched worldwide in 1978, the first in Switzerland. With more than 30 years of experience, over the course of time, NICORETTE® has introduced innovative products and nowadays is market leader in the sector of nicotin replacement therapy.



NICORETTE® Chewing Gum

Rapid and flexible use. They are available in several flavours and pack sizes:

- polar mint, original, fresh fruit.














NICORETTE® Invisi Patch

Semi-transparent plaster, which can be attached to the skin inconspicuously and is available in three dose strengths:

- 25mg, 15mg and 10mg.











NICORETTE® Inhaler 18 und 42 

Is recommended for smokers who particularly miss holding a cigarette.















Can be used discreetly under the tongue without chewing 














The new Nicorette® Spray offers rapid* and effective help to relieve acute nicotine cravings. Two sprays into the mouth reduce these cravings within a minute.









*Can relieve from craving for smoking within 1 minute.
Source: www.swissmedic.ch or www.swissmedicinfo.ch
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Visit our website and learn more about nicorette® and the therapy and products suitable for you. www.nicorette.ch