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Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to innovation pursues a threefold objective

Indeed, Johnson & Johnson is very innovative in all three business areas: Consumer Health Care, Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals. As an example, the company has launched 16 new medicines on the Swiss market since 2009. In addition, the company was voted by Idea Pharma as the most innovative pharmaceutical company in the world for the fourth time running (Productive Innovation Index).

In order to remain innovative, Johnson & Johnson makes use of the best from science and technology to find solutions for the most important unfulfilled needs of our time. A wide range of innovations are provided with support early on in their life cycle so that they can be developed into products that extend lives and improve the quality of life for people around the world. Johnson & Johnson innovation centers in four regional locations (Boston, California, London and Asia Pacific) help in the exchange and promotion of new ideas that are vital for the development of pioneering products.

Johnson & Johnson's vision is to positively influence the health of people through innovation.

For further information on Johnson & Johnson's innovations, please visit the international website: https://www.jnjinnovation.com/

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