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Medical Devices

The Medical Devices area of Johnson & Johnson manufactures technologies for complex medical procedures. Johnson & Johnson sees it as its objective to reach more and more patients and to help them find their way back to a healthy life. This business area is also a leader in just about every field of activity around the globe.

Through its long-standing commitment to innovation in patient care, Johnson & Johnson has become one of the world's leading companies for orthopedic devices and aids for hips, knees and extremities, as well as for products in cementation and operating room technologies, including suture materials, meshes, surgical instruments, wound closure products, blood-sugar measuring devices, contact lenses, sterilization devices and implants.

For further information on the Medical Devices business area of Johnson & Johnson, please visit the international website: https://www.jnj.com/healthcare-products/medical-devices

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An extensive medical engineering portfolio

An extensive medical engineering portfolio