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Medical Devices

Within the division Medical Devices the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Switzerland produces technologies for complex medical processes. This business unit is an international leader in nearly all of its fields of activities.


A variety of highly specialized segments make the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Switzerland one of the top suppliers in the business area Medical Devices (MD). The goal is the continuous development of new, innovative products for patients and physicians. Encompassing numerous medical fields of specialization, from neurosurgery to wound care, MD is represented at different locations in Switzerland. The following section provides an overview of some of the various fields of activity.

Leader in surgical sutures
For decades, the Ethicon business unit has been number one in synthetic sutures, needles and implants. “Meshes”, or surgical nets used by physicians to stabilize tissue following a hernia, represent a high-growth area. At the start of 2009, Ethicon expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of Mentor, a leading manufacturer of aesthetic solutions for the breast, body and face.


Back to life
With its medical technology devices, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Company in Switzerland is a reliable partner for surgeons and a forerunner in innovative, orthopedic therapies. DePuy is a leading supplier of implants for accident victims and people suffering from osteoarthritis. Their products include vertebral prostheses, implants for treatment of fractures and bone reconstruction, and suture anchors for damaged ligaments, tendons and muscles.


Keyhole surgery
The smaller the incision, the faster the healing process. Ethicon Endo-Surgery  is considered a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive surgery, which is also known as keyhole surgery. Ethicon Endo-Surgery develops instruments for gentler surgical procedures. The gastric band from Obtech Medical Sàrl, with headquarters in the canton of Neuchâtel, is an example of successful keyhole technology.
The company manufactures gastric bands for severely overweight patients. It offers the same advantage as minimally invasive procedures: A minimal skin incision only leaves behind a small scar.


Assistance with constricted blood vessels
Cordis specialises in high-quality products for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. The company is one of the major manufacturers of catheters and stents, small tubes that can be implanted in narrowed blood vessels, for example. In addition, Cordis offers innovative solutions for preventing the loss of limbs that have been damaged as a result of such things as smoking, diabetes or obesity.


Solutions for complex challenges
It’s hard to imagine surgery on the central nervous system without the products from Codman Neuro Sciences Sàrl and Medos Sàrl. Jean-Jacques Desaules, an engineer from Le Locle, Switzerland, and Dr Salomon Hakim from Columbia, developed a revolutionary therapy for hydrocephalus in 1983. Since then, a programmed valve helps to reduce the pathological spread of liquid to the brain cavities. The special feature: It automatically adapts to changes in pressure with the smallest change in liquid circulation. Further more, Codman Neuro Sciences Sàrl offers neurosurgical instruments and systems and additional innovations such as implants and drug pumps. They bring reliable relief to patients with symptoms of spasticity.

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