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Johnson & Johnson supports Parliamentary Immunization Day

More than 50 National and State Councils can be vaccinated against the flu free of charge.

On 11-27, the Parliamentary Flu Immunization Day in Bern took place: National and State Councils had the opportunity here to be vaccinated against the flu free of charge. For the first time, the representatives were able to get their personal electronic immunization certificate at the same time. The action was supported by Johnson & Johnson.

The Parliamentary Immunization Day was exceptional in several ways: 57 representatives took part, and with Councilwoman Doris Leuthard (in office until the end of 2018), a representative of the state government was also present for the first time. With her participation, the representatives not only acted as role models, but also reduced their own risk of contracting the flu. Vaccination reduces to a minimum the risk of infection and the danger of potential complications of infection.

Councilman Ulrich Giezendanner is convinced of its effect: “I get vaccinated every year and have never had the flu. I believe all Swiss citizens should get vaccinated.” His colleague Isabelle Moret shares this assessment: Vaccination is the best way to protect loved ones, especially the oldest and youngest among them.

This year, the event focused not only on flu vaccination; the participants could also have their own personal electronic immunization certificate created. The offer was well received. “The electronic vaccination certificate is a good example of the advantages made possible by modern means. It allows me to review my vaccinations at a glance and automatically reminds me when I am due for a vaccination,” Councilwoman Ruth Humbel explains.

In contrast to other nations, where an electronic vaccination certificate is mandatory, in Switzerland it is optional. Here, only about 1.5 percent have such a certificate. The government wishes to make it better known in the context of the national vaccination strategy.

As a healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson supports this action and thereby, contributes to preventive healthcare.

The Parliamentary Flu Vaccination Day is under the sponsorship of the College of Family Medicine (KHM), the Association of Swiss Physicians (FMH), and the Swiss Red Cross (SRK). The Parliamentary Vaccination Day is part of the initiative of SWISS DAY OF HEALTH, which aims to raise awareness on preventive healthcare and other health promotion topics.

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