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NICORETTE® innovation

New! Rapid relief of nicotine cravings: Nicorette® Mouth Spray




Anyone who wants to quit smoking may have to struggle against withdrawal symptoms. Without support in such critical situations, smokers often want to reach for a cigarette within 10 minutes. The new Nicorette® Spray offers rapid and effective help to relieve acute nicotine cravings. Two sprays into the mouth reduce these cravings within a minute. Smokers who use Nicorette Mouth Spray are twice as likely to get through 12 months without a cigarette. The recommended duration of treatment is up to three months. From March 2014, the mint-flavoured spray will be available from pharmacies without a prescription.


This is a medicinal product. Please read the pack insert carefully. Janssen-Cilag AG, 6300 Zug.



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