After Secondary School

Johnson & Johnson offers a variety of apprenticeships throughout Switzerland. So don’t wait – start your career with us!


Apprenticeships at Synthes

The Neuchâtel Campus offers several opportunities for apprentices. In partnership with the “Centre d’Apprentissage de l’Arc Jurassien” (CAAJ in La Chaux-de-Fonds) for operation profiles, J&J is offering apprenticeships in mechanical, specialized in turning, and poly-mechanical. We also get opportunities for apprenticeships in administration. The apprenticeship in Neuchâtel is characterized by a dual training with periods spent at school and periods spent at the company. To join Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, the apprentices shall be 16 before beginning their apprenticeship.

Rigorous training is a critical foundation for a successful career. Well-trained employees are the basis for a future-oriented company. DePuy Synthes therefore relies on well-trained young talent from its own ranks and trains around 100 apprentices in Switzerland. The diversity of our company makes it possible to offer excellent training in seven different professions. 



You can train for the following professions with us:

Management assistant, Federal VET Diploma, profile M, E

Designer, Federal VET Diploma

Logistics specialist, Federal VET Diploma

Production mechanic, Federal VET Diploma

Polymechanic, Federal VET Diploma


If you want to know more about our apprenticeships and Synthes, contact the Human Resources division of the site where you want to start an apprenticeship.

Bettlach/SO, Selzach/SO and Solothurn
E-mail, tel. +41 (0)32 720 73 83

E-mail, tel. +41 (0)62 209 38 52 

E-mail, tel. +41 (0)91 935 92 15

E-mail, tel. +41 (0)61 965 67 15

E-mail, tel. +41 (0)27 935 88 58


In Schaffhausen, we offer the following apprenticeship opportunities (german):

Chemie- und Pharmatechnologe/-login EFZ

Kaufmann/-frau EFZ

Laborant/in EFZ

Logistiker/in EFZ

Anlagenführer/in EFZ

Informatiker/in EFZ (Lehrbeginn 2020)


In addition, we offer both information afternoons and orientation open houses in the vocational training areas mentioned above.


The following links provide you with instructions and tips for online application:

Candidate Charter


Production Mechanic

The length of production mechanic apprenticeship is 3 years. The first 18 months take place at the CAAJ and afterwards, the apprentice comes to J&J. The production mechanic produces pieces through the machining processes. For this, machines such as CNC turning machines and lathes are used. Theoretical knowledge about machining processes, production materials … is required. In the Neuchâtel area, the production mechanics work mainly in the turning and conventional machining fields.



The length of a polymechanic apprenticeship is 4 years. The first 2 years take place at the CAAJ and the last two at J&J. The polymechanic makes, adjusts and combines the individual components needed to produce machines, tooling and prototypes. For this purpose machines such as lathes, milling machines and drills are used. Most of these machines are equipped with numerical controls. The apprentice combines machines, makes adjustments as well as the setting of the necessary machines. The polymechanic needs theoretical knowledge which includes machine processes, production material and thermal treatment.


Commercial Employee

The commercial employee performs administrative tasks in different departments within our company. During the 3 years apprenticeship, the apprentice will work in several departments such as Indirect Procurement, Customer Services, IT, Facilities, Supply Chain, Finance, HR, Quality and General Management.



As J&J is always looking for new talents, we are offering several opportunities for students. The internships usually last up to 12 months and are intended for students who are looking for practical experience in order to finalize their diploma or for graduates in order to gain first working experience. We are so offering internships and trainees in Quality, Manufacturing and R&D as well as in Supply Chain and Microbiology.