Engineers within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies build connections between emerging technologies and solutions that help consumers and patients live healthier and more vibrant lives. Their roles in product development, material sciences, manufacturing and operations, packaging development, and facilities management, offer a critical perspective on nearly every aspect of our businesses.

In our MD businesses, Engineers utilize new alloys and innovative electronics to improve circulatory systems, replace joints, and replicate the functions of human organs. In Pharmaceuticals, Engineers develop better materials for rapid or prolonged drug delivery, and help assure that our manufacturing methods are safe and consistent. In our Consumer businesses, Engineers are developing bioelectric solutions for skin repair and developing packaging systems that create a more sustainable future.

Engineers within our companies work on smaller, cross functional teams that leverage their knowledge and experience. They can progress along career paths that immerse them in new technologies or develop them as organizational leaders. And they’re part of a global network of Engineers that’s ready to help them broaden their experiences, drive a dynamic career, and impact the health and wellbeing of people everywhere.