Regulatory Affairs

Today’s changing healthcare environment presents many exciting challenges for Regulatory Affairs (RA) professionals. RA professionals within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies have opportunities to participate in high-level forums that connect government agencies and industry leaders to shape a complex policy ecosystem. The combination of their global policy view and their local approach to markets and customers helps them build trust and influence among customers, industry peers and regulatory partners.

RA professionals within our companies are passionate about protecting our customers while ensuring that our businesses comply with all product-related regulations. They partner with R&D teams on clinical trial design and pre-market approvals, connect with manufacturing teams on process and labeling, and work with sales and marketing teams on product positioning and marketing claims. They’re also present in our adverse effects monitoring and disposal of equipment.

RA professionals use their analytical skills and influence to advise our companies on legal requirements and to shape the regulatory environment. They’re involved in all stages of the product lifecycle, so they have numerous opportunities to contribute innovative ideas, product improvements, and service models that advance the health and well-being of patients and consumers.

And because they have such a broad perspective on our business activities and product lifecycles, RA professionals find many opportunities to move their careers in a direction that aligns with their individual interest and passions.

The following video offers insight into the everyday work life of Pamela Joller, Senior RA Specialist in Zuchwil.