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Campaign for the common good, support of social initiatives, and commitment to the environment – our credo strengthens our dedication to social responsibility.


Corporate social responsibility has defined Johnson & Johnson’s corporate identity from the very beginning. The credo is the foundation of our corporate social responsibility. In a regularly published Sustainability Report from Johnson & Johnson, we document our diverse international commitments (in English).


We support selected organizations – including in Switzerland – both financially with product donations and, above all, with our own hard work. The following section contains a project description as example.

Increasing social participation among the elderly
Following retirement, older people are often left with limited options for active involvement in the common good and contributing to society’s development. They are under-represented both in institutions and on boards, meaning that other people make decisions that affect older generations.

The “Active Aging” project from the RADIX foundation, with support from the Johnson & Johnson Campus Switzerland, supports the active participation of older people on many levels, and supports projects that increase their quality of life. The goal of the project is to improve health services and social services in the communities, provide the elderly with access to adequate care and revitalize their relationships in the community. For example, seniors can become involved by joining committees or transferring their knowledge to the younger generation at cultural and educational institutions.

Planning for the first projects is set to begin soon. At a neighborhood in Zürich, the residents of a nursing home are designing an adjacent fitness trail. A cooperative project for healthy lifestyles is being created in communities in South Tyrol and in the canton of Graubünden.

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Our Credo (PDF, 20,3 KB)

Johnson & Johnson Sustainability Report

The current Johnson & Johnson Sustainability Report (English) provides an overview of global projects for the environment, employees and society at large

International commitment

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