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A commitment to social causes and sustainability at Johnson & Johnson aren't limited to social, environmental and economic activities. They embody what the company is about and how it behaves. Johnson & Johnson wants to get involved in tackling the world's largest health issues, in leading the charge to solve problems, in protecting the environment and in running the company with the utmost sense of responsibility. Johnson & Johnson contributes to sustainable development with an eye on positive implications for everyone involved.

In general, Johnson & Johnson sets high environmental standards for its own operations – aiming to achieve a performance that doesn't just meet requirements, but reduces environmental impacts. This includes the complete integration of sustainable design solutions in product innovation processes and the reduction of effects on our climate and water resources.

The following is a selection of initiatives which Johnson & Johnson supports in Switzerland:

  • Water: 10% absolute reduction of water consumption and total waste disposal (by 2015, based on the figures from 2010).
  • CO2: 20% absolute reduction of CO2 emissions (by 2020, based on the figures from 2010).
  • Office paper: >30% from certified forests and/or from recycled components.
  • Further initiatives: green rooftops, LED lighting technology, charging stations for electric cars and much more.



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Johnson & Johnson Sustainability Report

The current Johnson & Johnson Sustainability Report (English) provides an overview of global projects for the environment, employees and society at large