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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Together we care with Pride


Every year during the month of June, the LGBT+ community around the globe celebrates in a number of different ways the achievements of the LGBT+ history (LGBT+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other spectrums of sexuality). Today, on June 1, Pride Month officially kicks-off and as a partner of Zurich Pride for the 3rd year in a row, we as Johnson & Johnson in Switzerland, also set a sign against LGBT+ discrimination and other minorities.

Usually during Pride Weeks, groups of people around the world march through the streets to celebrate the achievements of the LGBT+ community and to set an example for equal opportunities. Although we can’t meet physically this year, there are several internal initiatives and virtual activities planned for our employees to celebrate Pride and learn more on how we can all make a difference. In addition, next to our rainbow flags at the different sites in Switzerland, we will also illuminate our Campus Zug building in rainbow colors for two weeks.

Respectful environment

Johnson & Johnson strives to create a respectful environment for all employees, where individuality and diversity have a place. The company recognized very early that innovation is not the result of individuals, but rather the result of the interaction of diverse perspectives. Johnson & Johnson's active Open & Out Employee Resource Group (ERG) aims to foster an environment where employees can exchange ideas and seek support on LGBT+ topics.

Through various initiatives, the group encourages all colleagues to engage in the dialogue and provides resources for everyone to become long-term supporters – so-called Allies – who are actively engaged and speak up. These groups are an important partner in raising awareness of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion topics, initiating change and setting priorities. Various other internal corporate programs are also used to raise employees' awareness of the value of diversity. Among other things, programs are offered to identify and minimize unconscious bias.

Watch the video from Mentari Baumann, President Zurich Pride, and learn what difference we can make with our partnership and support.

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