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A day as a logistician apprentice

After changing into my work clothes, I prepare for the day. I need different tools (forklift, etc.) depending on the workplace. My activities as a logistician include: Checking, picking, storing, retrieving, checking incoming and outgoing goods or unloading the truck. In every warehouse there are new challenges and related activities, such as cleaning up the workplace, taking forklifts out of service and keeping warehouse statistics. One of the highlights of my apprenticeship is that I change locations every 6 months, so I get to know new team colleagues and other work methods and process steps within logistics. The quality and accuracy of the work process, as well as cleanliness, is required at all locations. The ability to work both in a team and independently are important. Calmness and patience, as well as (spatial) imagination should be brought along. Above all, however, concentration and the accuracy that goes with it. In logistics, you learn to work precisely, to deal with stress, and to think across processes. I want to develop my accuracy and professional competence even further. I can say that I feel amazingly comfortable at J&J. It's nice to be part of a pharmaceutical company that helps patients and their families.

  • Description
    Logistician’s transport, store and distribute goods professionally. With us you work in various warehouses in a production plant.

    With the specialization warehouse you are responsible for the professional management of goods. You receive them and then check and record them in the computer system. You use forklifts or complex conveyor systems to store the goods appropriately. In doing so, you must ensure that goods-specific criteria apply.
  • Training & Requirements
    Duration: 3 years
    Graduation: Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Logistics (EFZ)
    Previous education: Completed compulsory school with basic requirements
  • Core competencies for this apprenticeship
    - Practical understanding
    - Manual dexterity
    - Organizational skills
    - Independence
    - Reliability and sense of responsibility
    - Perseverance and ability to concentrate
    - Service consciousness
  • Application Information
    - Good secondary school leaving certificate / Matura
    - Letter of application
    - Tabular curriculum vitae with photo
    - Copies of upper secondary school or Matura certificates
    - Multicheck / Basic Check
    - Trial apprenticeship reports (if available)
  • Location
    Johnson & Johnson (Synthes)
    Bohnackerweg 5
    2545 Selzach SO

    Apply now!

    Janssen, Johnson & Johnson (Cilag AG)
    Hochstrasse 201
    8200 Schaffhausen SH

    Apply now!

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