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4S Intelligent Trauma Care - holistic optimization of the surgical process

Value Based Health Care - Johnson & Johnson Medical is already putting this concept into practice in Switzerland and brings added value through innovative product solutions: 4S Intelligent Trauma Care stands for more efficient use of resources and higher patient satisfaction.

Suboptimal warehouse management: In many clinics, non-standardized sets of instruments and implants are stored for similar operations (OPs) - a confusing situation that has often arisen over generations of products and surgical teams.

Due to the large number of shapes and sizes of implants required in the field of trauma surgery, confusing excess stocks accumulate in the long term. These favor the lack of essential materials, tie up useless financial resources and are difficult to match with real needs.

In addition, implants that are not stored sterile have to be integrated into the reprocessing processes before use, which delays the timely provision of the required sets, leads to postponements of operations and disrupts the orderly hospital operation.

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The 4S Intelligent Trauma Care program from Johnson & Johnson Medical - 4S stands for Standardized Inventory - Sterile Portfolio - Safety Certification - Service and Advanced Planning - offers a joint analysis of implant usage to optimize inventory levels and an upgrade to sterile packed implants. The latter are therefore available at any time regardless of the operation sets. Proper labeling and recording for each patient also enables direct traceability. In addition, instrument sets are standardized where possible and adapted to new requirements.

The common standardization of the sets leads to less complexity in the preparation and execution of the operations and an associated reduction in errors. The additional optimization of the inventory enables the investment of the funds tied up until then in the further expansion of high-quality medical care. Overall, the bottleneck resources in the operating theater and the preparation of sterile goods can be utilized in a more value-adding manner. A situation from which the clinic, operating theater staff and patients benefit equally.

The principles of holistic optimization of the surgical process through the 4S program bring the clinic to optimized processes, lower costs and the patient more safety and greater satisfaction.

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Johnson & Johnson Medical is continuously expanding its portfolio of services and solution programs to implement value-oriented health principles. Specialized teams and innovative, high-quality products that have been tried and tested over many years form the basis for their use in partnership in health facilities in Switzerland. Our partnerships respond symbiotically to the needs of the institutions in order to achieve more for their patients in the long term.

Would you like to find out more details about the Value Based Health Care Initiative from Johnson & Johnson Medical?

Then please contact us directly:

Thomas Moser
Head External Communications
Switzerland & Austria

Johnson & Johnson
Telephone +41 52 630 88 44
tmoser (at)

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