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Better and cost-effective medical care for individual patients thanks to targeted cooperation from the stakeholders

Value Based Health Care - measures and assesses patient outcomes and compares them with their costs. Systematic collaboration between everyone for better and cost-effective medical care for individual patients. This is beneficial for both the partner and for the patient.

The successful use of Value Based Health Care requires the close collaboration of all institutions involved as well as consideration of the total costs over the whole patient path. This is the only way to illustrate all the events in connection with a patient’s illness.

Beginning with individual projects - based on Value Based Health Care - new knowledge is collected which can be applied more extensively in the future. All medical service providers involved benefit from the project work. For example, Johnson & Johnson Medical gains concrete knowledge that can be used for product improvement or the development of new products.

Currently in Switzerland, medical data are generally still very heterogeneous and are collected with various measuring systems and so are difficult to compare. Nevertheless, the surveys are laborious and costly. In the context of patient benefit and for the meaningful analyses of data, standardized and regulated data collection is key for the successful use of Value Based Health Care. Incentives for better quality in relation to this should also be considered: Health institutions that implement solutions for increased patient satisfaction and can reduce costs efficiently must have an incentive to make relevant investments beforehand.

We are open to further project partners: Health care providers, health insurers or representatives for health policies. With different perspectives and experiences, we can launch sustainable projects together which will improve treatment quality and benefit patients. Our partnerships work symbiotically with the needs of the institutions to sustainably achieve more for their patients.

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