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What makes us a Top Employer?


Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies in Switzerland has been officially recognized by the Top Employer Institute as a Top Employer 2020. This certification acknowledges our ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive and innovative working environment where employees have exciting development opportunities and can bring their diverse experiences, skillset and ideas to work, every day.

Thorsten Eger, Head Human Resources Switzerland, highlights the importance of the Top Employer certification for Johnson & Johnson.

Thorsten Eger, Head Human Resources Switzerland
Thorsten Eger, Head Human Resources Switzerland

But what makes Johnson & Johnson in Switzerland a Top Employer?

Johnson & Johnson truly believes that people make the organization. The corporate culture has evolved over time and we have adopted a growth mindset that allows their employees to experiment and innovate in an environment which is welcome of diverse people, cultures and ideas, so that everyone can bring their whole self to work every day. The corporate culture, benefits and performance management where the points that set us apart from other companies.

Hear Silvia Gutierrez, Senior Director Digital & Marketing, talking about our unique culture guided by our Credo.

Silvia Gutierrez, Senior Director Digital & Marketing
Silvia Gutierrez, Senior Director Digital & Marketing

Find out more about the different aspects that make us an employer of:

Our Culture
Leadership Development
Career Development
Employee Benefits
Health & Wellbeing
Diversity & Inclusion
Our Social Commitment

But, Johnson & Johnson is more than a Top Employer!

Johnson & Johnson promotes diversity, equal opportunities and a healthy work/life balance for everyone. Our strategic Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) philosophy is a key driver of innovation and impactful business outcomes since its founding more than 130 years ago.

With our ongoing commitment to make Diversity & Inclusion the way of doing business, we are very proud to have yet earned the recognition of two other very important organizations:

Where are we going?

As Johnson & Johnson our ambition is to contribute to a positive employee experience. We value talent and are committed to supporting our employees holistically. We offer everything you need to craft a career that allows for diverse professional and personal development.

Working at Johnson & Johnson can change everything—including YOU. Join us!

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