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Our Social Commitment

With our annual Community Week, we support local projects


Contributing to people’s health with a large heart and an open mind: This is our mission. And we continue to believe in this even during difficult times. That’s why we will be holding our annual Community Week during the second week of September. Johnson & Johnson employees can show their commitment and participate in one of around 30 volunteer activities, projects and charitable organisations at nine locations in Switzerland.

There are a number of new projects this year, including those related to nature and animals. Our employees can help clean embankments, assist with WWF projects and help out at farms and boarding kennels. Our commitment to the Anouk Foundation in Geneva is also worth noting. The foundation works to provide colourful murals in hospitals to provide a warm atmosphere. Numerous studies have shown that art helps seriously ill patients.

We are continuing our social commitment this year and want to do good especially during difficult times. To this end, we are also implementing virtual projects to provide employees with the opportunity to help local NGOs and organisations from a distance as well. Employees’ well-being is always paramount and specific safety measures and requirements will be introduced to ensure the health and safety of all participants before and during Community Week.

It is our deep conviction that supporting local communities is an integral part of our identity. Only in this way can we fundamentally change people’s health. We not only talk about it, we demonstrate our commitment through our actions – especially during difficult times. This is what we believe: Acting with the heart to encourage the mind.

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The Johnson & Johnson Community Week is the largest employee volunteer programme in Switzerland. Each year, our employees have an opportunity to spend a week working on behalf of local projects and charitable organisations, allowing them to help out and strengthen communities locally to the best of their ability. Working on behalf of the common good locally is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to our belief while also enabling employees to network with other teams and departments.

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