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How Diede used his Talent for Good


About the One Young World Program

One Young World is a partner organization and the J&J One Young World Program is a signature Talent for Good program, which gives young J&J leaders the opportunity to drive change while developing their leadership skills. In addition to attending the One Young World Summit, over the course of six months, J&J delegates work together in buddy teams to support external aspiring young leaders that are part of the scholarship program, to help build and strengthen their capacity. Since 2013, J&J has empowered over 240 global young leaders, both from within and outside the company through our scholarship program, to participate in this learning and development opportunity and bring meaningful and impactful societal change to the world.

Diede’s experience

Diede Ruelens, IT Solutions Architect in Zuchwil, took part in the 2019 One Young World Program. With an ambition to drive societal impact, Diede was intrigued by the program. "I wanted to experience more of the work that we can do closer to the patients. In my department, I don’t have much visibility to the direct influence we have on healthcare workers and patients. Therefore, I wanted to see how my work ultimately contributes to helping others, as this is one of the reasons why I am so proud to work for J&J.”

After being selected to participate in the program, Diede was matched with four other J&J delegates in a buddy team. Their team was paired with a scholar from Sudan; a medical doctor as well as founder and CEO of an organization that provides education for healthcare workers in the conflict areas of Sudan. Diede and his buddy team created a website for the organization, to improve their online presence and create connections for possible partnerships.

At the One Young World Summit, Diede got the chance to meet his buddy group and scholar face to face, as well as all the other delegates from around the world. The summit was a fascinating and inspiring experience, filled with speeches from both influential speakers and leaders, as well as young professionals. “What stuck with me from the summit is this sense of optimism. While there are enormous challenges globally – in areas of poverty, climate change, education, just to name a few – people like you and me can take small actions that snowball into significant change for the better. And we can do this individually or within our role at work. Testimonies from employees at companies like our own J&J, showing the practical initiatives they undertook, really drove this point home.”

Reflecting more on his participation in the One Young World program, Diede summarizes his most important takeaway: “Participating in One Young World has encouraged me to get more involved. I am actively trying to be a part of the change.”

Watch Diede’s video and learn how he used his talent for good.

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