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Johnson & Johnson supports the "Women Back to Business" program at the University of St. Gallen for another two years.


The University of St. Gallen, one of the leading business schools in Europe, offers both an English- and a German-language management program exclusively for women. The "Women Back to Business" (WBB) program is aimed specifically at women with a university degree who have taken a career break and wish to return to the professional world or corporate environment or reposition themselves in the job market.

Johnson & Johnson, on the other hand, understands and values non-traditional career paths, unique skills and life experiences. Here, the prevailing belief is that taking a career break to pursue another important life stage shouldn't get in the way of the next breakthrough - it should enhance it. With this in mind, the global Re-Ignite returnship program has decided to support the "Women Back to Business" program of St. Gallen University for another 2 years until mid-2023. The now extended partnership with the University of St. Gallen offers an excellent opportunity to bring high-caliber and diverse talent to Johnson & Johnson.

For example, a three-day module hosted by Johnson and Johnson for the WBB program shows that this really works. This included a networking event with Johnson & Johnson leaders who spoke on various topics. Thanks to this event and the partnership, five returners have been recruited to Johnson & Johnson's Re-Ignite program. Re-Ignite is a return-to-work program that brings STEM2D and management-level professionals with a two-year career break, back into the workforce.

In February 2021, the Career Relaunch Unit at the University of St. Gallen also hosted a Career Relaunch Fair with keynotes, TED Talks, and the awarding of the Career Empowerment label to companies that advocate for job seekers with non-linear careers and value diverse team compositions. J&J is a proud recipient of the Career Empowerment label for 2020/21.

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