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Chemical and pharmaceutical technologist (CPT)

A day as a chemical / pharmaceutical technologic apprentice

I usually start the day with the level 1 meeting in the department where I am. Everyday is different from each other, this is why you must be flexible.

Most of the time I go along with the employees from my department and help them with our activities, e. g. assisting in a cell culture cultivation or filling out forms, assembling instruments or other equipment. Besides the activities and processes, a lot of things are explained to me. During the lunch break I even go to lunch with employees from other teams or departments. Other activities of mine include measuring the optical density of cell cultures, or pipetting solutions and bacteria. The relationship with my vocational trainer is really good. I can ask them anytime if I have any questions or need help with something. My instructors support me where they can, at school and at work. As I mentioned before, I work in different departments. For this reason, I also get to know a lot of new employees. Since the beginning of my apprenticeship, I have experienced several personal highlights: I could package the COVID-19 vaccine to make them ready for shipment and I could work on the filling line in production. In my opinion, being a chemical and pharmaceutical technologist requires curiosity and good observation skills. Furthermore, you should be flexible and have an interest in the chemical and technical field. At the end of the day, I check my e-mail again to make sure I haven't missed anything important while I was away.

What I admire about my teammates is their solution-oriented way of working. If something doesn't go according to plan, they don’t stress over it. It is seen as an opportunity to optimize and together we look for a solution. This is one of the reasons why I see myself as part of the J&J family and feel comfortable. It was the right decision for me to do an apprenticeship here. J&J is different from other companies because of the all the opportunities that you have.

  • Description
    As a chemical and pharmaceutical technologist (CPT), you manufacture chemical, biological and pharmaceutical products using automated manufacturing equipment. You are responsible for the preparation, execution, and control of the production process.

    You plan and calculate the required quantities of raw materials for the production processes and prepare them accordingly. Preparing the equipment before production can start is also one of your tasks. Using a manufacturing specification, you carry out the necessary work steps safely. In certain process phases, you draw product samples and analyze them in the laboratory.
  • Training & Requirements
    Duration: 3 years
    Degree: Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Technology EFZ
    Previous education: Completed compulsory school with basic requirements
  • Core competencies for this apprenticeship
    - Interest in mathematics, chemistry, physics
    - Craftsmanship
    - Technical interest
    - Accuracy
    - Good powers of observation
    - Reliability
    - Perseverance
    - Flexibility
    - Ability to work in a team
    - Good health
  • Application Information
    - Good secondary or high school diploma
    - Letter of application
    - Tabular curriculum vitae
    - Copies of upper secondary school certificates
    - Stellwerk 8 test
    - Trial apprenticeship reports (if available)
  • Location
    Janssen, Johnson & Johnson (Cilag AG)
    Hochstrasse 201
    8200Schaffhausen SH

    Janssen Vaccines, Branch of Cilag GmbH International
    Rehhagstrasse 79
    3018 Bern BE

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