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Our Approach in Health & Wellbeing

t Johnson & Johnson, we know that our mission of helping people around the globe live longer, healthier, and happier lives starts with caring for our own workforce. Inspired by Our Credo, we have a 130+ year legacy of improving and sustaining the health and wellness of our employees. And we continue to believe that caring for the health and well-being of our employees is good for the health of our business and ultimately the health of families, customers and patients everywhere. It’s more than just carrying out risk analyses and preventive care programs to assure the fully integrated protection of employees at the workplace - it's a holistic concept.

Johnson & Johnson has taken the lead in expanding health and wellness programs worldwide – establishing good will, elevating our reputation, and creating a new benchmark.

Our offerings

To become the healthiest workforce under our HealthForce 2020 initiative, which engages employees and business leaders across the Enterprise globally, we enhanced our workplaces with offerings like free fruit, healthier food options, healthy beverages, opportunities to move more, mental health offerings and convenient resources to create an engaged, energized and high performing culture.

Our Areas of Focus

Wellness and Health Promotion Programs
Healthy Environment and Healthy Food
Digital Health Tools
Health Assessments
On-Site Fitness Centers and Discounts
Employee Assistance Program and Work Life Services
Energy for Performance in Life
Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy
Global HIV/AIDS Workforce Policy
On-Site Occupational Health Services

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