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Commercial employee

A day as a commercial employee apprentice

I start by reading through my emails and answering them. Every morning, there is a meeting with my team where everyone lists what they have coming up. In addition to tasks with a specific deadline, there are also tasks that are ahead of schedule. Being a clerk at J&J involves different tasks depending on which department you are in. Generally, you learn how to book payments, enter an invoice, author professional emails, conduct meetings, how to organize an event or help with a project. Working carefully and being able to organize myself well are among my core competencies. I have learned how helpful effective communication is in challenging situations. My highlight in my training period so far was when I was able to visit our site in Zug. There was a lot of new stuff to see, and it was remarkably interesting. My team was extremely helpful, reliable, and friendly. I felt I was in great hands at J&J. It was important to my team that I could learn as much as possible and be optimally prepared for my future career. All processes at J&J are regulated and documented. Before I end the day, I check my emails again and prepare a plan for the next day.

  • Description
    Businesspeople with an extended basic education (E profile) have a high degree of independence in the company. As a commercial employee, you will be involved in day-to-day business, have direct contact with customers and complete orders. You will learn to take over administrative and organizational tasks. Organizing events and taking minutes of meetings are also part of the job. In addition, you will write memos, read business documents and forward valuable information to the relevant departments.
  • Training & Requirements
    Duration: 3 years
    Graduation: Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Business Administration (EFZ)
    Previous education: Compulsory schooling with basic requirements completed
  • Core competencies for this apprenticeship
    - Interest in commercial work
    - Pleasure in contact with people
    - Interest in business contexts
    - Motivated to work on the computer
    - A flair for numbers
    - Enjoyment of foreign languages and effective communication skills
    - Language skills in English, German (and French)
    - Good comprehension
    - Organizational skills
    - Independence
    - reliability
  • Application Information
    -Good secondary school leaving certificate / Matura
    -Letter of application
    -Tabular curriculum vitae with photo
    -Copies of upper secondary school or Matura certificates
    -Multicheck / Basic Check
    -Trial apprenticeship reports (if available)
  • Ort
    Janssen, Johnson & Johnson (Cilag AG)
    Hochstrasse 201
    8200 Schaffhausen SH

    Johnson & Johnson (Synthes)
    Luzernstrasse 21
    4528 Zuchwil SO

    Johnson & Johnson, Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    Gewerbestrasse 16
    4123 Allschwil (BL)
    Apply now!

    Johnson & Johnson
    Gubelstrasse 34
    6300 Zug
    Apply now!

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