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Social Business Practices

As a company where diversity, inclusion and equal rights for all people are cornerstones of our Credo, we believe in collaborating with businesses that have a positive social impact. Providing stable and long term employment to people with disabilities is both an important step to foster inclusion and to build their confidence and independence, This is why we collaborate with Zuwebe and Altra Schaffhausen.
  • Zuwebe is an important organization in Zug, supporting people with an intellectual or mental impairment. Around 300 people with different disabilities work and live at various locations in Zug. Zuwebe is responsible for the order processing of the internal J&J Employee Online Shop – so with every purchase, our employees support an organization with a great cause!
  • The goal of Altra Schaffhausen is to integrate people with physical or mental disabilities into work and society by offering protected employment and housing. Janssen Supply Chain in Schaffhausen has been working with Altra for almost 20 years in the secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products.

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