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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Are you biased? Yes you are. We all are!


Unconscious Biases are everywhere. They are social stereotypes about a certain group of people that each of us form outside of our own conscious awareness, triggered by our brain making a quick judgement. Gender, appearance, ethnicity, profession, and many other characteristics – they all influence the assessments that we make of people.

Our goal is to embed strategies into our corporate culture allowing us to learn about our biases and how to overcome it. Everyone of us can use a reminder to pause and make sure that our actions are aligned with our intentions. Last year, Johnson & Johnson rolled out a global unconscious bias training, based on Banaji's teachings, to all Johnson & Johnson employees.

Together with our employees in Switzerland, we worked together to launch a nationwide campaign. The aim was to clearly show our prejudices and to encourage thinking and self-reflection so that everyone can become a change agent to foster a more inclusive workplace for everyone.

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