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Employee Resource Groups

n a global level, we have a total of 17 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that employees can join on a voluntary basis. These employee-led groups focus on shared identities/affinities and experiences and look to apply those perspectives to initiatives that create value for all of Johnson & Johnson. Our enterprise-wide ERGs are uniquely positioned to provide key insights – ultimately driving better outcomes on behalf of our people, our marketplace and our communities.

They enable us to attract and retain diverse talent, provide employee leadership development opportunities, and support several community patient initiatives to drive greater health and wellness education for all. ERGs also contribute to advancing our culture of belonging by fostering employee engagement, which positively impacts business outcomes.

In Switzerland we support six internal employee networks that serve as a platform to exchange knowledge and experience as well as strengthen our corporate culture. We drive an aligned and harmonized approach for our ERGs across Switzerland.

  • African Ancestry Leadership Council (AALC) provides leadership in support of the Credo and in establishing companywide goals to make Johnson & Johnson the #1 company of choice for African-Ancestry talent and consumers.
  • Alliance for Diverse Abilities
    Alliance for Diverse Abilities aims to actively create an enabling culture for people with diverse abilities, their caregivers and advocates to enable employees of all abilities to be their best and do their best every day.
  • Culture Competencies
    Focuses on building awareness about cultural differences as well as building cultural competencies to leverage these dissimilarities for business success.
  • Generation NOW
    Provides members with the inspiration and skills to build their future at Johnson & Johnson. This dynamic community allows us to not only bring Our Credo to life, but also to grow the next generation of Johnson & Johnson leaders as they chart their career trajectory.
  • Open&Out
    Open&Out represents a global network of LGBTQ+ and Ally individuals who are open-minded and out to make a difference by creating safe and inclusive workspaces, fostering healthier communities and empowering our employees.
  • Women’s Leadership & Inclusion (WLI)’s vision is to achieve gender equality across our business globally to enhance our competitive advantage and fuel the future of human health.

Our Partnerships & Awards

We constantly invest in strategic partnerships to further drive and strengthen equality in the communities we live in. Additionally, we are proud to have earned the recognition of two important organizations (Swiss LGBTI & Transwelcome) for the many ways our company has embraced diversity.


We provide female talents at J&J the opportunity to take part in different development workshops offered by Advance we aim to support them on their career path.

HBA (Health Care Business Women’s Association)

As Johnson & Johnson we internally support thie HBA partnership by offering educational and networking opportunities for our employees.

Swiss LGBTI Label

The Swiss LGBTI Label is awarded to recognize companies and organizations with an open and inclusive organizational culture and to promote the inclusion of LGBTI people.


As the first Health Care Company, Johnson & Johnson is listed on TransWelcome and with that we are highlighting, that we avow for an inclusive working environment for trans people.

Zurich Pride

By supporting Zurich Pride as a sponsor, we aim to drive change in our communities and foster a sense of belonging where everyone can be themselves.

Career Empowerment Label

The Career Empowerment Label recognizes our commitment to providing return to work opportunities in our local community!

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