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Grüezi to the first Swiss startup in JLABS


Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s JLABS incubator welcomes the first Swiss healthcare startup. The Geneva-based MPC Therapeutics has joined the JLABS@BE virtual incubation program.

JLABS is a global life science network providing startups with access to laboratory space and resources, including expertise, industry connections and entrepreneurial programs.

MPC Therapeutics was founded in 2018 and has developed first-in-class molecules that block a protein called Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier protein (MPC). This protein plays an important role in the cellular metabolism which provides energy to many processes inside cells. The company has demonstrated that the inhibition of MPC has a rejuvenating effect on cells and it increases cell survival. They will use these molecules on cells called CAR-T cells which are used in cancer therapy, with the aim of making these therapies more efficient.

MPC Therapeutics was one of 5 companies selected to pitch to the Johnson & Johnson DPDS (Discovery, Product Development & Supply) and Oncology External Innovation teams at our „Innovation Day“ event in Genolier last November. This annual event is part of our partnership with Swiss Medical Network (SMN) and Genolier Innovation Hub, which has been initiated and is organized by a team consisting of Beat Lechmann & Christian Florey (Johnson & Johnson MedTech) and Michael Hübner (Country Lead Switzerland, Johnson & Johnson Innovation). The company has been selected by the DPDS External Innovation team looking for novel and innovative technologies, including Michela Silacci Melkko (Sr. Director External Innovation DPDS) and approved to join JLABS by Julian Bertschinger (Global Head External Innovation DPDS). Roland Scholz will be the scientific adviser (JPAL) assigned to the company moving forward.

We look forward to supporting MPC Therapeutics’ growth and development at JLABS.

Discover how JLABS is helping startups and entrepreneurs in the biotech industry grow and expand the boundaries of innovation.

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