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Laboratory technician

A day as a laboratory technician apprentice

During my work as a laboratory technician, I use my English skills very often because most of the regulations are recorded in English. Furthermore, J&J is an international company with many employees who hardly speak German. My regular tasks include daily control of the analytical balances, checking if there is enough of all consumables (replenishment), washing dishes (measuring cylinders, glass flasks, beakers etc.) and refilling the water tank of the hydrogen generator. I take a small 'Znünipause' together with my friends at about 09:00. I usually have the lunch break at 13:00. There are no set times for the breaks, which is why I can take them as I please. Since I work in a research department, it often happens that I get to do something new or already known methods with new substances. One of the things I learned during my training is to always be patient and keep a cool head when something doesn't work. This is a skill I would like to develop further, as research can also be very frustrating. At the end of the day, I check to see if I left any of my things lying around so I can clean them up. I turn off devices that are not needed overnight or can basically be turned off (pH meters, for example). My personal highlight of my training was twice being allowed to develop my own methods with the help of my practice trainer. I have a friendly, collegial, and professional relationship with my trainer. Sometimes it is also very funny. I also maintain a professional relationship with my work colleagues. At J&J I feel amazingly comfortable and safe. You get support from every side. At J&J, you are constantly informed about what's going on. It's cool to know that you can contribute to such a big company.

  • Description
    As a laboratory technician specializing in chemistry, your work is mainly synthetic and/or analytical. You carry out simple syntheses independently. Using suitable methods such as thin-layer chromatography and melting point, you assess the purity of the products. In addition, you learn analytical methods such as titration and spectroscopy, etc. and apply them practically. In this way, chemical substances for new drugs are created.
  • Training & Requirements
    Duration: 3 years
    Qualification: Federal Certificate of Proficiency Laboratory Technician (EFZ)
    Previous education: Completed compulsory school with basic requirements
  • Core competencies for this apprenticeship
    - Satisfactory performance in science and mathematics subjects Interest in research and experimentation
    - Good observation skills
    - Good command of English
    - High reliability
    - Ability to work in a team
    - Clean and accurate work
    - Fine motor skills
    - Ability to think in a networked way
  • Application Information
    - Good secondary school leaving certificate / Matura
    - Letter of application
    - Tabular curriculum vitae with photo
    - Copies of upper secondary school or Matura certificates
    - Multicheck / Basic Check
    - Trial apprenticeship reports (if available)
  • Location
    Janssen, Johnson & Johnson (Cilag AG)
    Hochstrasse 201
    8200 Schaffhausen SH

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