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A day as a mediamatician apprentice

As a mediamatician at Johnson & Johnson, there is rarely a day that starts the same as the previous one. This is for the simple reason that mediamaticians have many different tasks to perform. But it makes sense to check your e-mails first and see if you have received any new orders that have priority or an invitation to a meeting. Then I start with the assigned work, such as designing a PowerPoint presentation, editing a video, or gathering information for a banner. As a mediamatician, there are constantly new and challenging tasks that I can grow with as an apprentice. I also have an incredibly good relationship with my vocational and practical instructors, as well as with my former practical instructors in other departments at J&J. The relationship with my current work colleagues is also particularly good. A great advantage of J&J is the many trainees at the various locations, who you can also count as part of your working environment. After all, J&J is a huge company with several locations in Switzerland. This allows you to get to know people from all over Switzerland and to form a correspondingly large network. Furthermore, there are many different nationalities represented within J&J, so you get in touch with people from all countries. I feel comfortable being part of the J&J corporate family. Despite my position as a trainee, I am valued and do not feel like a cheap labor. Back to my job as a mediamatician, I must mention that I can fall back on a great many learned skills from vocational school. For example, the Office 365 or Adobe skills. Other skills I have learned include photography and video editing. In my teaching job, I use my skills such as teamwork and curiosity.

  • Description
    Media technicians are responsible for the creation and processing of digital raw data (film sequences, photos, music, or sound recordings). They develop and design content for presentations, flyers, and brochures. Maintaining websites using current web technologies also falls under their responsibilities. Organizing events, leading meetings and events are also part of their job. They communicate in different languages.
  • Training & Requirements
    Duration: 4 years
    Graduation: Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Mediamatics EFZ
    Previous education: Completed compulsory school with basic requirements
  • Core competencies for this apprenticeship
    - Interest in multimedia
    - Creativity
    - Quick comprehension
    - Abstract-logical thinking
    - Technical understanding
    - Graphic flair
    - Ability to communicate and work in a team
    - Organizational talent
    - Empathy
    - Sense of responsibility, independence
    - Ability to concentrate
    - Flexibility
  • Application Information
    - Letter of application
    - Curriculum vitae in tabular form with photo
    - Copies of upper secondary school certificates or Matura certificates
    - Multicheck / Basic Check
    - Trial apprenticeship reports (if available)

    *complete application documents by mail or by e-mail (as PDF) to bewerbung(at)
  • Location
    Johnson & Johnson
    Gubelstrasse 34
    6300 Zug
    Apply now!

    (Mehr Informationen auf Bildxzug Website)

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