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Inclusion in Action: Special Olympics National Winter Games 2024 Sparks Inspiration


Although the Special Olympics National Winter Games 2024 in the beautiful Haslital / Brienz area are over, the lasting impact they’ve left behind resonates strongly in our hearts and minds.

40 J&J Volunteers had the privilege of being part of this unique experience, and we are beyond thrilled to share the remarkable experiences they had during the Games.

The atmosphere was electric, with the Special Olympics athletes showcasing their unwavering determination, incredible skills, and boundless joy.

Nearly 600 athletes came together, showcasing the power of unity and the importance of celebrating diversity. The event provided a platform for the athletes with intellectual disabilities to compete in six different sports. It was truly a celebration of human spirit and the limitless potential within us.

Watch our video to see many goosebumps moments and hear from two of our employees firsthand how incredible impactful their volunteering experience has been.

Together, let us continue to create a future where every individual is valued, respected, and given equal opportunities to shine.

After the games is before the games! That’s why we are already excited for “Zug 2026” where the official motto will be: It’s time for inclusion! Let’s go this journey together and stay tuned for more to come.

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