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Direction: Future – a podcast in search of ideas and approaches for a better tomorrow


Johnson & Johnson launches its podcast "Direction: Future". This new podcast series spotlights pressing societal issues and stimulates discussion about forward-looking mindsets, promising projects and personal background stories. By tuning in to Direction: Future, listeners can set out in search of ideas and approaches for a better tomorrow.

Each episode is dedicated to a specific topic: from charitable work through sustainability in healthcare to the future of medicine. Reports explore these topics using trends, facts and examples from Switzerland. Each episode is built around an expert panel discussion, moderated by Tanya König, experienced journalist and moderator. She highlights and debates seminal ideas with visionaries, academics, business leaders and exciting personalities from the fields of economy, politics, research, and society.

Committed to the advancement of society

The first episode, "Advocating for society", focuses the debate on corporate sustainability and social responsibility, using the question "Why is social commitment by companies so important to society?" as a starting point.

There is no disputing the fact that many projects in Switzerland can only be realized with the voluntary commitment of companies and people. Such as, for example, the National Games of Special Olympics Switzerland mentioned in the podcast. Johnson & Johnson offers proactive support with knowhow and a helping hand as a premium partner within the scope of its "Community Impact Strategy".

The podcast appears regularly every few months and invites listeners to join in the discussion. The podcast can be listened to on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and on the landing page.

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