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Master plan for Swiss Health Care

Value Based Health Care – value-based agreements focusing on patient needs and transforming inefficient cost control into a more efficient use of all healthcare resources - for Johnson & Johnson Medical this is the trailblazing masterplan gearing towards the primary goal of a sustainable Swiss health care system.

According to a survey conducted by the research institute gfs.bern, 40% of Swiss voters see an urgent need for action - given the unchecked cost growth - in health policy.1

There is a strong increasing bias towards pure cost consideration and cost control in the Swiss health care system. Treatment quality and patient outcomes are becoming less important, and the holistic approach throughout the chain of care is disappearing. This way, we not only lose focus on the actual goal of medical management, but the effects of budget reductions cannot be recorded and assessed sufficiently.

The holistic approach of Value Based Health Care is absolutely necessary so that everyone involved - patients, care providers, insurers, and politicians - can be in a constant dialogue concerning usage, and so the patient, with the outcomes of their medical management, can once again be the focal point of the discourse. Johnson & Johnson Medical sees this as the ideal path to the primary goal of making the Swiss health care system successful and sustainable in the future. Against this backdrop of value-based agreements, we are developing relevant projects in close cooperation with other market players and are proving their use and sustainability.2

Value based agreements encourage focusing on the patients and their needs. Goals such as better medical outcomes (or findings), higher patient satisfaction, lower costs and better profitability are being specifically stipulated and made measurable. Furthermore, value-based agreements pump up the awareness of new solutions in health care and encourage the development of new payment systems. The Swiss health care market maintains its innovative character at a reasonable cost. Ultimately a new type of long-term partnership is created which is based on balancing opportunities and risks. Confidence in the system and credibility become consistent.

Focus, innovation and confidence are cornerstones for success in health care, and ultimately for a more stable global environment during worldwide health crises.

Our partnerships work symbiotically with the needs of the institutions to sustainably achieve more for their patients.

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1 excerpt from the research work of gfs.bern: Ringier online survey of around 27,000 voters in German and French-speaking Switzerland, carried out by the research institute gfs.bern. September 7, 2018 - September 19, 2018.
2 Press release VBHC Aug 2019:

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