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Shared vision: Achieving both better medical patient outcomes and lower overall costs

Value Based Health Care – at Johnson & Johnson Medical (JJMD) Switzerland, this is integral to our vision and our strategy - guarantees the improvement of medical patient outcomes and patient satisfaction at the same, or at a lower cost of treatment.

Value Based Health Care (VBHC) is attracting more attention and is being discussed more widely while the established Triple Aim initiative from Johnson & Johnson Medical has been following similar goals for years.

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Value Based Health Care ensures the successful future of our day-to-day business as well as the Swiss health care system. Together with their partners, Johnson & Johnson Medical launched various programs related to Value Based Health Care to improve medical treatment at the same or even lower costs.

For example, a program for the optimization of patient pathways has already been implemented in numerous clinics in Switzerland. This way a faster recovery and mobilization of patients was achieved for, among others, hip, knee and gastric surgery. The “enhanced recovery” principles, (enhanced recovery after surgery ERAS, also known as improved recovery after an operation) a multidisciplinary approach including patient support throughout the entire patient pathway, enables a significant reduction in costs as well as better patient satisfaction and improved outcomes. New solutions which promote the standardization and digitization of processes in the operating theater should minimize complication rates, reduce material costs, and smooth the surgical team’s learning curve.

A growing ecosystem enables the constant expansion of a portfolio of services and solution programs to support the implementation of value-oriented health care principles. The basis of the successful deployment of the programs in Switzerland are formed together with specialized teams and innovative, high-quality, proven products (e.g. implants for hip and knee joints). What is important is that the efficiency in all areas within a hospital are improved across the board.

We are convinced of the added value our services and solution programs provide. That is why we have developed various ways to guarantee the success of our projects contractually.

The successful achievement of these goals requires an equal partnership whereby we work together and share the risks together. That is why our agreements may also include risk participation. Our partnerships work symbiotically with the needs of the institutions to sustainably achieve more for their patients.

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