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Plant operator EFZ

A day as a plant operator apprentice

Every day starts with a shift handover, where all major events are passed on to us. The investment processes we work with occur regularly. We are entitled to a small 15-minute break every day and a slightly larger 35-minute break, which is even paid. Being a part of medical production, in my opinion, comes with many challenging and important tasks. Such as monitoring the cooling time, packaging the expensive medicines, and operating and changing the packaging machine. My practice instructor accompanies me, he is genuinely nice and understanding. If I have any questions, I can always turn to my practical trainer. My vocational trainer is very accommodating and apprentice oriented. Because our department is exceptionally large, I encounter many people. In general, I feel amazingly comfortable at Johnson & Johnson (Cilag AG). During my apprenticeship, I experienced many personal highlights such as my three successfully passed machine training courses and my awards at school for good grades. In my apprenticeship, I use my skills such as independence, self-confidence, determination, organizational talent, teamwork, and perseverance. My day ends the same way it began with the shift handover, during which the team taking over from me exchanges information with the shift starters.

  • Description
    Plant operators are responsible for the faultless functioning of production and packaging plants. As a plant operator, you operate and monitor the machines. In the event of malfunctions or breakdowns, you will learn how to intervene quickly and in a targeted manner. You will ensure maximum capacity utilization by expertly setting up and resetting the equipment. You will also be responsible for the quality of series production.
  • Training & Requirements
    Qualification: Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency in Plant Management EFZ
    Previous education: Completed compulsory school with basic requirements
  • Core competencies for this apprenticeship
    - Basic understanding of technical devices
    - Basic understanding of mechanical processes
    - Accurate and careful way of working
    - Manual dexterity
    - Practical skills
    - Ability to concentrate
    - Reliability
    - Sense of responsibility
    - Organizational skills
    - Ability to work in a team
  • Application Information

    - Good secondary or high school diploma
    - Letter of application
    - Tabular curriculum vitae
    - Copies of upper secondary school certificates
    - Stellwerk 8 test
    - Trial apprenticeship reports (if available)
  • Location
    Janssen, Johnson & Johnson (Cilag AG)
    Hochstrasse 201
    8200Schaffhausen SH

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