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Our Social Commitment

Becoming a Premium Partner of Special Olympics to promote inclusion and better health for everyone


In 2016, J&J became a National Partner of Special Olympics Switzerland. Through our long-term partnership, we have been actively working to foster a more inclusive society, for example, by giving employees the opportunity to volunteer and support athletes with intellectual disabilities and through different awareness activities.

However, there is still a long way to go to a more inclusive world.

Unified is one of the Special Olympics programs that brings people with and without intellectual disabilities together. They support local sports clubs and events to give people with disabilities the opportunity to train with them. A number of regions and clubs in Switzerland are already offering the Unified concept, however it is still a small minority.

Another challenge faced by people with intellectual disabilities is that they are more likely to develop certain health complications which often could be avoided through better screening and increased awareness around the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

With our ambition and commitment to support better health and wellbeing for all, we are happy to announce that J&J is becoming a Premium Partner of Special Olympics Switzerland. This will enable us to continue the important work of fostering a more inclusive society.

Through the increased partnership level, we will specifically support the expansion of the Unified program and advance the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in local clubs and communities and promote the tolerance and acceptance of the diversity of people. And through dedicated health programs we will help to improve the health of people with intellectual disabilities, bringing us one step further on our journey to have a sustainable impact in Switzerland.

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