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Our Social Commitment

Doing good things together: September was Community Month


Planting trees, caring for animals, tutoring children from disadvantaged families - these are just three examples of the diverse involvement of Johnson & Johnson employees in September. As part of Community Month, over 600 employees were involved in various social projects.

Earning a triple win together
With a lot of help and support, a good 78 project days were completed as part of Community Month in September at all Johnson & Johnson locations in Switzerland. This way, the company supports local communities, organizations and projects and lends credibility to the corporate philosophy of “Acting with the heart to encourage the mind”.

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Through good collaboration with our partners, we make a local, sustainable and inclusive contribution. At the same time, the involvement of our employees is an excellent development opportunity.

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“The motivation during and after volunteer assignments is visibly noticeable and inspiring”. Each employee can spend four paid working days per year on his or her charitable involvement.

Social aspect in collaboration
This year’s Community Month in September gave Johnson & Johnson employees the opportunity to get involved locally for a good cause - for example in one of the sheltered workshops, such as ZUWEBE in Baar. The company offers work and training places for people with disabilities. The approximately 300 employees and trainees with special needs were visited by Johnson & Johnson experts during Community Month. In turn, they learned a lot about the foundation’s offerings and got to know the people working there. “We get a lot back, like respect and recognition. Overall, the work was very rewarding,” says one participant in summary. For 20 years, Johnson & Johnson has been working with the “Altra” foundation in Schaffhausen, where people with disabilities pack medication with the appropriate secondary packaging and can thus participate in working life. Johnson & Johnson employees spent time working here as well and benefited from the personal contacts on site.

UN sustainability goals in sight
With Community Month, Johnson & Johnson contributes to the UN sustainable development goals by encouraging employees from all locations to get involved in health and justice or advancing climate goals. For over ten years, Johnson & Johnson employees in Switzerland have been involved in community impact projects for the communities in which they live and work - a change of perspective that not only helps with supported projects, but also makes a difference for the volunteers.

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