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Our Social Commitment

How we are using our Talent for Good


At Johnson & Johnson, we see giving back as not only vital for our communities and living Our Credo, but key to growth and a healthy career. Talent for Good offers ways for every employee to get involved and support their local and global communities – regardless of level of interest, time commitment, role, or resources. It drives employee engagement, personal and professional growth, team building, networking and opportunities for leadership and skills development.

Whether donating, advocating for a cause or volunteering abroad, our employees have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of Talent for Good programs. Six employees based at sites across Switzerland have participated in different programs and shared with us their most memorable moments. They all agree on one thing: It doesn’t matter what you do, the most important is that you do something.

Watch these videos and learn how our employees used their talent for good to make a difference and drive social impact.

In Switzerland, we currently offer the following Talent for Good programs (starting from the lowest to the highest level of engagement):

  • Community Month is a monthfull of different volunteering opportunities, where J&J employees give a helping hand to local organizations close to our sites. Watch this video of Community week 2022.
  • Special Olympics is the largest sport organization for people with intellectual disabilities. J&J employees support Special Olympics athletes during competitions, helping them to reach their dreams while creating new friendships and fostering inclusion.
  • In virtual skills-based volunteering, employees offer their professional skills and expertise virtually to help strengthen local NGOs in Switzerland.
  • One Young World offers young leaders the opportunity to engage with peers, acquire a global mindset and social consciousness, and develop lasting connections to create positive change.
  • The Secondment program empowers J&J talents to give back by sharing their knowledge and skills with NGO partners during long-term assignments (4-6 months).

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