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Sponsorship Inquiries

By sponsoring, we understand the promotion of initiatives in the form of financial contributions to help fund an event, institution or project with the expectation of receiving the opportunity to earn a public association with the program in support of our own communication and marketing goals.

Johnson & Johnson only reviews and processes sponsorship requests submitted electronically using the official sponsorship form. Written requests via email will not be answered. Our focus is on initiatives that advance the health & wellbeing of people in Switzerland with a long-lasting and sustainable impact.

Our core sponsoring areas:
- Enabling access to health for everyone and supporting health prevention
- Harnessing the power of innovation
- Drive a culture of inclusion
- Empower personal and professional development
- Create a sustainable world for the future generation
- Embrace research and science

The sponsoring concept of Johnson & Johnson excludes the free distribution of promotional items for prizes, raffles etc. We do not support individual athletes and extreme sports. We also renounce any support of religious and political activities and parties.

Please fill out our online questionnaire so that we can process your request. Additional documents may be attached at the end of the form. You will receive a qualified answer within a useful period of time.

We will use your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy to respond to your inquiry. Please read our Privacy Policy.

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