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J&J as a training company

Who is Johnson & Johnson?

Founded 130 years ago, Johnson & Johnson is an American international company active in the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, and cosmetics industries.

Why Johnson & Johnson? Good health is the foundation for vibrant lives, thriving communities and progress, and we believe this at Johnson & Johnson. As the world's largest and most diversified healthcare company, we take social responsibility to leverage our reach and scale for the common good. We aim to improve access and affordability of healthcare, contribute to healthier communities, and make a healthy mind, body, and environment attainable for everyone, everywhere.

When you work for Johnson & Johnson, you can impact the lives of more than a billion people around the world every day. When you apply your talents to our common goal, there's no stopping the lasting impact we can make together. Become a part of the J&J family and work with us for a healthier Switzerland.

Working for J&J can change everything. Even YOU!

About Johnson & Johnson in Switzerland

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