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Alain's Story

lain Kasaï has many different roles that make him the person he is today. He’s a keen sportsman, a father, and a volunteer. These different experiences and skillsets contribute to the work he does as a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Johnson & Johnson in Switzerland.

Hear from Alain himself and learn how he found purpose through his different roles, in both work and private life. He feels empowered by volunteering, enjoys time with his children, and through his sporting pursuits, he is able to find a sense of calm.

Alain was amazed when he was offered the role as a Talent Acquisition Partner a few years ago; he was unemployed at the time and didn’t feel he was a perfect match. But he has since learnt that you can grow into your role, because it’s about valuing each individual, their experience and attitude more than a perfect set of skills.

Connecting with colleagues outside of his daily responsibilities is an aspect of his working life that Alain values, supported by the inclusive culture Johnson & Johnson nurtures and believes in. Working within the African Ancestry Leadership Council (AALC) Employee Resource Rroup (ERG), Alain is able to connect with his heritage, get to know his colleagues better, and help to foster a professional environment where people with diverse backgrounds can flourish and feel like they belong.

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Johnson & Johnson’s Credo is deeply rooted in the company culture. It encourages employees to contribute and give back to the communities in which we live and work. Besides his day job, Alain has been volunteering as a talent coach at Capacity, a partner non-profit organization supporting highly skilled refugees and migrants in their professional integration in Switzerland. He uses the skills and knowledge from his talent acquisition role at Johnson & Johnson – CV writing and job applications, and his understanding of the job market – to support migrants who are new to Switzerland. Coaching and sharing his know-how with others are very important to him and allows him to make a real difference. Through the partnership with Capacity and the voluntary contribution of employees, Johnson & Johnson can promote equality and make a contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 10 of reducing inequalities.

In his free time, Alain likes to go boxing which helps him to release stress, reset and stay focused. It’s important to Alain that he can be flexible and balance all aspects of his life – work, family, and hobbies, something he feels able to do thanks to the support of his colleagues.

Providing employees with a diverse and inclusive workplace culture where everyone can continually improve and feel like they belong is important at Johnson & Johnson. Alain’s story of success could be yours, too.

At Johnson & Johnson, it's more than just work.

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