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Natalie's Story

atalie Graf is a doctor, a wake surfer, and a board member, and these different roles make her the woman she is today. The experiences and skills from these different aspects of her life all contribute to her daily role as a Commercial Director at Johnson & Johnson.

We invite you to watch the video above to hear from Natalie about her personal development and her appreciation for the inclusive, equality-based culture at Johnson & Johnson.

While Natalie trained as a medical doctor, her first position at Johnson & Johnson was as a medical advisor, changing her career path into the pharmaceutical sector. At Johnson & Johnson the patient is always at the heart of the business. Through this she was still able to help patients, something that has always been very important to her.

This was just one of the reasons why Natalie returned to Johnson & Johnson after a time outside of the business. She also valued the open and inclusive culture which is deeply rooted in the Company’s Credo. Equal opportunities are an important part of this, meaning that any colleague from any background can flourish.

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Different development opportunities such as mentorship programs enable employees to continuously develop and grow. Also, Natalie has benefitted from mentorship in her role, which makes her feel supported, and helped her advance her career as a successful leader. To empower colleagues, especially female talents, Natalie is keen to share her own experiences and leadership skills to also support others in their career journey. At Johnson & Johnson in Switzerland, we are constantly striving for a more equitable workplace, giving everyone the same chance to develop and further their career, supporting SDG 5 towards gender equality.

Another significant part of Natalie’s life is sports, which gives her a sense of balance. Not only does she enjoy wake surfing when the weather allows, but cycling and jogging too. These activities keep her healthy but also help to clear her mind and destress, allowing her to be the best version of herself. Taking her dog for walks in the Swiss countryside, meanwhile, helps to reinvigorate her. The energy she gets from it, Natalie is then able to give back to her team later on.

Natalie’s different roles are a great example of how everyone can develop and thrive by taking on new challenges, empowering others and keeping a healthy balance.

At Johnson & Johnson, it’s more than just work.

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