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Leya's Story

eya has many different roles that make her the person she is today. She is a dedicated student, a gifted singer, and a devoted friend. Everything she continues to learn and experience from these different roles contributes to the work she does in her daily job, at Johnson & Johnson, as a Commercial Apprentice in Allschwil.

We would like to invite you to listen to Leya’s story, where she talks about the support she has received from her team and how the culture at Johnson & Johnson has helped her develop, not only professionally but also personally.

Leya’s desire to help people led to her interest in nursing. However, due to her health demands, she was unable to pursue this career path. Now, she appreciates the fact that she can contribute to important conversations through her work in health and social care at Johnson & Johnson. This speaks to Johnson & Johnson’s hiring promise – respecting unique experiences, backgrounds as well as career aspirations and understanding how they align with the qualifications carefully considered for each role.

Dealing with persistent health challenges should not get in the way of a budding career. Leya says that due to her chronic disease she has often relied on her team whilst on long-term sick leave, something she is very grateful for. Managers have quickly become mentors; encouraging her to do her best, whilst showing commendable patience and understanding of her condition.

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As an apprentice, Leya was provided with the opportunity to work across different departments, resulting in her gaining invaluable skills that have been used to better her work in different areas. Leya credits this course with giving her self-confidence and independence; which is crucial as she navigates new challenges and opportunities brought on by adulthood.

One of her highlights was the chance to assist the epidemiology team and create a digitally savvy app for budgeting and project management, something she is very proud of. Apprenticeships are just one of the routes we offer to launch a rewarding and successful career and how we nurture early talents.

In her free time, Leya likes to sing. This helps her to free up her mind and forget about the stresses that day-to-day life can bring. In addition to this, it is important to her to devote time to socialising with friends which not only helps centre her but positively impacts her personal and professional outlook.

As a company, we continue to believe that caring for the health and well-being of our employees is good for the health of our business and ultimately the health of families, customers, and patients everywhere. We are proud to be taking the lead in expanding health and wellness programs worldwide and empower employees like Leya to lean into their passions to get new energy and find a sense of balance.

At Johnson & Johnson, it's more than just work.

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