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Sinan's Story

inan has been part of Johnson & Johnson for more than 10 years. During this time, he continuously took on new challenges that helped him develop not only professionally but also personally. He is a lecturer at Hochschule für Wirtschaft (HFW) in Schaffhausen, an enthusiastic baker and committed father. All of this life experience positively contributes to his day-to-day role as a Senior Operations Manager at Johnson & Johnson in Schaffhausen.

Learn more about Sinan’s experience in the video above, from what teaching provides him, to how he has developed and furthered his career, his passion for baking, and, of course, raising his kids.

In terms of professional development, one of the things that Sinan values at Johnson & Johnson, is the opportunity to develop and assume new responsibilities. “Grow” is an internal program which allows talent to widen their skillset by offering opportunities to take on a new role and get insights into a different area outside of their usual remit for a few months.

His first Grow assignment was as a Project Lead in Global Engineering and Property Services (EMPS), followed by moving into his current role in pharmaceutical solids. Sinan relished the new challenge which Johnson & Johnson has provided him, and enjoys the new perspectives it has given to his work life and career. This experience has not only deepened his understanding of the company but also allowed him to master new skills and experience different elements of the pharma industry.

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Besides his day job, he teaches at HFW Schaffhausen on Saturdays. Lecturing helps him to keep up with the latest industry developments while sharing his knowledge with the next generation. He finds such a role personally satisfying, but it also benefits him in his career and day-to-day work, keeping him at the top of his game.

Outside of work, you can often find Sinan in the kitchen, refining his baking skills, or in the gym. As the designated family birthday cake maker and a sportsman, discipline and commitment are Sinan’s watchwords. It is important to him to spend as much time as possible with his kids. A healthy work-life balance enables him to do so, whilst also making time for what matters most to him.

Sinan’s journey showcases the different paths that can be taken at John

son & Johnson and how we strive for an environment where everyone belongs and can unleash their full potential.

At Johnson & Johnson, it's more than just work.

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