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Edmée's Story

dmée Amstutz-Féraud is a keen volunteer, experienced French teacher, and a loving mother. All she continues to learn and experience from these different roles contribute to making her an outstanding Software Manager in Digital Orthopedic Robotics.

When Edmée was growing up, one of the most important questions she had for herself was knowing and finding her purpose in life. We would like to invite you to watch Edmée as she shares her inspiring journey about how she finds fulfillment and stays motivated.

Edmée enjoys learning, and her role as a Software Manager allows her to continuously learn and acquire new insights. Her work enables her to deepen her understanding of how the body works and functions through close collaboration with Orthopaedic Surgeons and sometimes watching live surgery.

Johnson & Johnson innovates across all business areas – to make the world a better place. The first-hand experiences and insights Edmée has of watching surgeons in action with current products enable her to continuously create and innovate better. Understanding the needs of surgeons and patients is a core component that helps her in her research and development work. As a woman in STEM, Edmée is an excellent example of our belief in equality as a woman in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).


As an international company operating in over 50 countries, and daily, employees engage with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Adaptability is one of the most important skills Edmée says one needs to possess to succeed within global organizations like Johnson & Johnson. She believes the ability to adapt in today’s agile environment helps colleagues overcome challenges they might face when working with different cultures and traditions.

Edmée finds the mix of cultures and viewpoints enriching, something she had overlooked in the past. Having the opportunity to engage with people from diverse backgrounds, Edmée shares that it is humbling and has helped her be more open-minded.

As a company we strive to have a diverse, global workforce, which promotes collaboration, inclusion, and open dialogue, allowing everyone to develop and unleash their full potential

At Johnson & Johnson employees can contribute and participate in different volunteering programs. Besides her day job, Edmée has regularly volunteered in our internal Talent for Good programs. She finds volunteering fulfilling and motivating. We encourage people to contribute where they can and give back to the communities in which we live and work, something deeply rooted in our Credo.

Whenever possible, Edmée shares her fascinating findings and discovery with her children. She often tells them, "Mummy has the opportunity to make robots that save lives.", something Edmée is very proud of. Of all her roles, motherhood offers her continual learning opportunities, enabling her to become a better version of herself in each of her other roles.

We believe in providing employees with an innovative and diverse workplace culture where they can all give back and continually improve.

At Johnson & Johnson, it's more than just work.

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