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Zoë's Story

skier, STEM advocate, and mother, these different roles make Zoë André-Lawson the woman she is today. All she continues to learn and experience from these various roles contributes to her daily job as a scientist.

Zoë joined Johnson & Johnson in Switzerland through the Re-Ignite Program. A program launched by Johnson & Johnson to provide a unique, targeted recruiting approach to help female talent with a two or more years career break finding their way back into the workplace.

Pursuing important life milestones, such as having children and caring for loved ones should not get in the way of career progression or the betterment of the world around us - it should enhance it. This is one of the reasons why Johnson & Johnson launched the re-ignite program for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) careers in Switzerland.

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Zoë's circumstances surrounding her motherhood journey made it challenging for her to return to work after a four-year career break, but this program helped make the transition smoother. In her video, Zoë talks about her Johnson & Johnson experience so far. We invite you to watch it and be inspired as she shares her journey back to full-time work after her career gap.

For Zoë, a career in STEM has been a natural choice for her, having successfully gained a degree in biological science and a PhD in biological chemistry. The subject and topic reflect her personal interest in research, experiments, solving problems and answering questions.

As a passionate STEM advocate, Zoe wants to help break the stereotypical bias that certain roles are for specific genders. She strives to redefine what this means in the 21st century and ensures that her sons know that a 'scientist' is not just a title for men but also women.

She attributes her success in all her roles to careful planning and setting boundaries. Zoë believes that having different roles provides fulfilment and enrichment to her life, giving her a sense of balance. She ensures she spends time with her sons, reads them bedtime stories each night, and skis in her free time – something made much easier by living in a ski resort!

As a company we believe a healthier future is one in which people can take the time they need away from work without sacrificing personal, professional, and economic potential.

At Johnson & Johnson, it's more than just work.

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