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Felix's Story

elix Hofherr has many different roles that make him the person he is today. He is a vivid photographer, a dedicated student, and a committed scout lead. All he continues to learn and experience from these roles, he uses in his work as a Mediamatician Apprentice.

Since joining Johnson & Johnson as an apprentice, Felix has held a variety of roles in several departments, including IT, Marketing and Communications. We invite you to watch Felix’s journey so far and hear him talk about the growth he has experienced during his apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are just one of the routes we offer to launch a rewarding and successful career and how we nurture early talents.

Felix emphasizes that the culture at Johnson & Johnson has not only fostered his professional but also his personal development. Since starting his apprenticeship at the age of 16, he has gained significant insight into the world of work, the Johnson & Johnson culture and what it means to take responsibility. The self-confidence he has gained over the years has made it easier for him to present to others, something he set out to learn from the start.

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An outstanding success and one of the most significant moments in his career was the design and successful implementation of the new Swiss intranet portal. Felix and another apprentice managed the entire project from start to finish. It was undoubtedly a huge responsibility for a second-year apprentice, but they did an outstanding job. Opportunities like this helped Felix to recognize his strengths and learn a lot about himself.

Felix also remarks strongly that everyone at all levels is approachable. Interacting with senior leaders and international teams has allowed him to learn from different cultures and diverse backgrounds. This is something Felix finds rewarding. He also appreciates the fact that he can contribute to important conversations and share his opinion during discussions.

Johnson & Johnson strives to create a workplace where everyone can be the best version of themselves, so, an open and inclusive environment is vital.

In his free time, Felix is a passionate photographer. The skills he continues to acquire as a photographer contribute to his success as an apprentice and student. Photography is an important part of Felix’s life, and he particularly enjoys the slow and deliberate process analogue photography entails. Working in a dark room feels therapeutic and relaxing. Being able to utilize his creativity, he says, helps him see the overlap between his hobby and the roles he has had so far at Johnson & Johnson.

At Johnson & Johnson we strive for a culture where all people and perspectives are valued, creating a greater quality of life for everyone. Felix’s story shows one way we do this on a daily basis.

At Johnson & Johnson, it's more than just work.

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